SCAY - toothbrushes by subscription

SCAY - toothbrushes by subscription

In 2022, the American company Yogurt Media approached us to develop an online store for toothbrushes with a subscription model and integrated logistics.


  • Ability to order replacement brush heads via subscription and individually
  • A beautiful, modern, user-friendly, and sales-oriented website

  • Subscription management for customer (cancellation, pause, changing delivery dates, frequency)
  • Order history and tracking
  • Ability to purchase accessories for existing toothbrushes

  • Integration with fulfillment and payment systems
  • Orders to be automatically forwarded to fulfillment, payments processed seamlessly, and email confirmations sent Mobile application in the future with integrated PUSH notifications.


Initially, we planned to execute this project using an existing builder (e.g., Shopify, Ecwid) and add the necessary functionalities. However, we encountered an issue where subscription service support and expanding the user dashboard's capabilities didn't function in all countries.

Therefore, we made the decision to create a custom integration alongside the builder—a landing page setup. Individual modules (ordering, user dashboard, etc.) will be integrated as widgets complementing the landing page.

This approach allows us to swiftly and conveniently alter the design of the landing (sales) page, making it visually appealing while retaining all essential functionalities.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Unlike a standard project, we had two factors at play:

  1. The client had ordered a batch of toothbrushes, setting a strict date for when sales were to commence.
  2. Developing an application from scratch takes significantly more time than using a builder, and meeting this deadline physically wasn't feasible.

We opted for a NO-Code solution, assembling the User Dashboard using a builder within a week and implementing all the necessary functionalities for subscription management and order tracking.

The process flow for handling subscription parameter changes (frequency) and integration with CRM systems, fulfillment, and payments

This approach allowed us to launch earlier, not waiting for the completion of the entire technical aspect. The business started running while we simultaneously continued adding functionalities.


  • A beautiful landing page that can be easily adapted and modified by the client without programming knowledge.
  • A well-developed user dashboard and mobile application.
  • A ready-to-use user dashboard and unique functionality launched within one week.