Welcome to BeeFine

Usually people come to BeeFine to create an application. Together with them, we discuss their ideas, explain how to launch within 1-3 months, where to save money on development, and choose suitable technologies for implementing their idea. We do this for free as a first step to get to know each other.

For us, BeeFine is not just about creating applications. First and foremost, it's a big business that inspires us and makes us wake up every morning and continue working with interest.

So, what is our interest? We will tell you now.

The ideal technology

Why do we want to get to know you? Because our development technology does everything else automatically. People see that it works and come back again. The main thing for us is to show it to you for the first time.

In general, creating an application is a very simple thing. It's enough to hire good programmers and have a competent manager. It's like building with construction blocks - if the pieces are of high quality, then the result will be good. Here are our building blocks:

Clear development

The most important thing is that you should understand everything that is happening around your application. It's a whole quest of processes, stages, standards, and terms. It's not easy to figure it out, but we'll help you!

Live testing

There are two main rules for creating a high-quality application: don't skimp on testing and fix errors fanatically. We test the application every week and you can do it with us.

Focused team

The team is a key component. Our rule is: one team = one project. People should be focused on what they are doing. We collaborate with universities, IT companies from the West, and conduct open internships to train people who will be dedicated to the cause.

High-quality code

The main thing to know about code is that it should be of high quality, clean, and understandable. It sounds logical, but think about it!

Equally good in Czech Republic, UK, and USA

Many people can create an application. And the Apple development team can create a masterpiece. They are great. But imagine that you need to create a quality application in dozens of projects, where the team may be hundreds of kilometers apart from each other. This is our case, we already have so many of them:

  • BetterCall
  • Tipinc
  • BFine Scheduler
  • BFine Contracts
  • The Česko
  • Czech Yourself

Applications must be fast, beautiful, and convenient everywhere. Processes should be equally simple, developers invariably scrupulous, and the code - clean and understandable.

And this is exactly what is difficult. But we know how to do it.

Got hung up on the facts.

TipInc – receive tips in just two clicks.

The platform includes an administrative app, as well as iOS and Android apps, and a QR code app.

  • As of 2022, the company is valued at 1,000,000 GBP and has partnerships with InBev.
  • For 2023, teh company is valued at 3,500,000 GBP and start partnership with the one popular accuirer in UK and EU.

BetterCall – a live chat widget for websites with video calls.

It is available as a desktop app, as well as iOS and Android mobile applications, and a website widget.

  • For 2021: BetterCall has received investments to further develop their application.
  • For 2022: The company has a partnership with Hamleys, a British multinational toy retailer.

The Česko – an online portal about life in the Czech Republic.

It is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) with an admin panel for content management.

  • For 2021: A website that loads 9 times faster than its competitors is definitely an achievement. With articles loading instantly, users are more likely to stay on the site, read more, and engage with the content.
  • For 2022: The portal has  more than 16,000 readers and is known for being the fastest website among internet portals in the Czech Republic.

Unified standards

Digital technologies help us to notice if something is going wrong in a timely manner. But how do we understand what is right and what is not? That's where standards come in. Here, for example, is a rule about the focus mode:

Rule #100500 for the focus mode

During work:

  • Turn off all notifications
  • Don't talk in the office
  • Don't do anything unrelated to work
  • Close unnecessary tabs and programs.

Rule №100501 on turning on the work timer

Turn on the work timer when:

  • You start working on a story
  • Accept a new task or project
  • Switch to another task within the current project

The work timer helps track the time you spend on each task and project, as well as evaluate your productivity and improve your time management.

Having standardized rules and guidelines is crucial for ensuring consistency and quality in our work. Our standards are not complex schemes or formulas, but rather super-clear and simple rules. We have dozens of them, covering everything from code formatting to how to write messages and where. This is how we manage to do everything well while continuing to grow quickly.

Openness in everything

Anyone can write a hundred rules, but that doesn't work by itself. You need the power to enforce standards. For us, that power became openness. We have made everything so transparent that deviating from standards is simply not possible.

How does this specifically manifest itself?

Open development

Access to tasks, reports, and code
There are no hidden corners. All processes are always in plain sight. You can even see who spent how many hours on a task. 

We regularly organize meetings with your team to show everything from the inside. 

We plan, discuss, and adjust tasks together with you on a regular basis. You choose what you want to test next week, and we provide suggestions on how to do it better.

Company control

Code review
Advanced developers review every written or changed line of code to ensure that everything is good and nothing is broken. It's okay to ask questions and criticize what's been written at our company. 

Developer assessment
A newcomer and a professional will do the same job in different amounts of time. We measure this time and the amount of work done. This is how we calculate the effectiveness of a developer and their usefulness. 

Once a month, the programmer ranking is updated based on their work results. All teams can see it. 

Transparent Business

Participation in Development
At the beginning of a project, our director takes on the roles of both team leader and developer to help colleagues and gain a better understanding of the idea.

Online Meetings
Every Monday, we start with short reports on news, results, and plans that are immediately available to you. You can even join in.

Financial Reporting
Our favorite question is "how much?" Thanks to open access to hours worked, you have precise answers at any time. We honestly publish them.

It is precisely openness that makes us keep our promises, adhere to standards, and strictly follow the law. But openness for us is not just a fashionable trend. It is our deep conviction, philosophy, and value that we want to bring to the world.

Why Bee? 🐝

Do you know why we are named after an ordinary bee?

Hardworking nature

In one day, a single bee makes 10 flights and explores an area of about 12 hectares?

Just like bees, we work tirelessly and create amazing projects quickly, bit by bit:

  • The Česko – 17 days
  • BetterCall – 35 days for the application
  • BeeFine Contracts – 2 days.


Bees prepare honey using a special technology: they remove water from nectar, add enzymes, acids, and then seal the honey in cells with wax caps.

We also have our own technology, thanks to which we create delicious and useful "honey".

We are confident that hard work, transparency, and the right technology are serious competitive advantages. Thanks to transparency and hard work, we have been able to create solutions with a total value of 27 million crowns in just a year and a half. It may sound like a paradox, but we see a pattern in this.

We want to live and work in a world where people make the lives of others better, and technology helps them do it. We are creating such a world by doing a very simple and down-to-earth thing: bringing your idea to life. This is just a way to live the way we want!