Thousands of orders in one day

Thousands of orders in one day

We helped launch a well-known leading model and blogger Victoria Bonya's online store.

In 2021, Victoria Bonya's team approached us as they were opening their lipstick store. They already had an online store developed with most of the functionality in place. However, it couldn't handle the visitor traffic, and at the moment of the sales launch, the website simply stopped opening.

Additionally, there was a need to resolve the fulfillment integration issue so that orders could be transmitted to a shipping company, which would automatically pick them up from the warehouse.

We had a total of twenty-four hours to handle everything because the sales were scheduled to open the next day at 12:00


We rented a dedicated server with high capacity for one month from the same provider that hosted the website previously. This helped us save time and tackle the issue in advance, leaving us time to address functional problems and errors.

To ensure the site could handle the load, we ordered a DDoS attack on the site and tested its capacity.

During testing, we identified some glitches and issues in the site's interface, as well as shortcomings in the order placement process. For instance, when choosing delivery to other regions, the shipping cost was calculated incorrectly. Considering the large volume of orders expected, this could have negatively impacted profits.

Additionally, we completely rewrote the fulfillment integration module. Now, all new orders were transferred through it, and information about delivery status was automatically updated on the site.

Once everything was ready, we were present at the launch, overseeing all processes. We were prepared to respond to any errors swiftly, ensuring the site could handle any order volume.

Ultimately, the site functioned correctly, but at one point, payments stopped being accepted. It turned out that banks have a limit of 500,000 transactions per day. Once this limit is reached, the acquirer stops accepting payments until the end of the day. We urgently contacted Victoria's bank and, with their technical support, resolved this issue


The site successfully handled the sales launch and the influx of a large audience. We achieved record-breaking revenue, and the only issue we had to address at the moment of the sales launch was payment limits.

After the launch, in the first month, we migrated the site to another server, whose performance dynamically increases under heavy loads. Therefore, if we don't have high traffic, we don't overpay for the server. But if there is high traffic, the system automatically responds to the load and activates additional capacity.

Victoria Bonya's brand remains our client to this day. For three years now, we've been ensuring the stable operation and support of their website.